Fundamental indicator, Fundamental trader

Fundamental Trader EA and Fundamental Indicator

We present to you the news that we have programmed in the latest version of MT4 and is only available on our website, Fundamental Trader EA and Fundamental Indicator. This system is unique in it’s form and working in the latest MT4 build.

Fundamental Indicator

can be used on all currency pairs. Its primary function is to display past and upcoming fundamental news with the possible impact on currency pair in MetaTrader platform.

Has it ever happened to you that you had opened a trade and the price suddenly dropped or climbed quickly? Perhaps you were unaware of it but published was important macroeconomic news. Now you will not miss any upcoming news any more! News is clearly shown in the chart, with both line and time deduction.

This is how it works (click to enlarge):

Fundamental Indicator Fundamental Indicator Description

And settings only for high impact news

Fundamental Indicator Only High Importance

You can purchase Indicator here: Price = 79 USD


Fundamental Trader

This EA will help in trading these news events in the form of opening pending orders just before the announcement of the news with fixed settings, „take profit“, optional „trailing stop“, fixed „stop loss“ and other options that you will appreciate when trading. Expiration instructions, as well as setting of the number of seconds before (or after) the announcement of the news.

EA supports FilterSymbols feature that allows you to trade only fundamental news for the selected currency symbols. Likewise, you can select only news that is relevant.

This is how EA will open the trades:


At the default setting is 60 seconds before the message to open trade type „buy stop“ and „sell stop“:

Expert Advisor Fundamental is designed for both novice traders and experienced traders in the currency market FOREX.

You can purchase EA and Indicator here: Price = 149 USD